Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Looking to 2017: Mountain Trend

A darker take on a neutral trend, Mountain is a focus on cool grays, taupes, subtle metallic, and accents of burgundy and midnight sky blue. Since the color palette is limited, this trend is all about texture, many coming from nature. Feathers and fur pair well with Nordic and Scandinavian patterns, and aged silver finish is the metallic of choice.

The mixing and matching of textures that make up the Mountain trend can be seen in upcoming fashion. Natural feathers pair well with sparkling crystals, and faux fur accents can be seen in all manner of accessories. Cable knit cowls and Nordic-inspired sweaters are accented with chunky silver jewelry.

The neutral color palette is carried over to home décor, with a focus on creamy whites, natural burlaps and linens, and pops of sparkling chrome and silver. The cable knit motif can be seen in pottery, and furs take their place in pillows and bed spreads. Mountain and cabin-inspired inspirations can be seen on throw pillows for a pop of whimsy.

For the holiday, think pewter, chrome, glittery silver and pearls. The texture of feathers is seen on ornaments and jewelry alike, and crystals and glitter chiffon ribbon accent trinkets and packages. Snowflakes will be a popular icon for the Mountain trend.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Looking to 2017: Forest Trend

Forest is a mystical, enchanted departure from the “going green” trend of the past. With a focus on lush emeralds, teals, fern greens, and hints of jewel tone berries and eggplants found in exotic natural elements, Forest has a very rich and lux vibe. Sparkle, velvet, and live-edge wood are some of the elements that make this trend bold and unique.

In fashion, there is a definite focus on deep greens and teals, with pops of moss, eggplant, or berry to accent. Velvets, beading, and laser cut fabrics can be seen on evening gowns, and natural wood takes the shape of wristwatches and jewelry. Accessories can be seen in similar color palettes, creating a monochromatic look of varying greens and teals.

The lux fabrics carry over to home décor, with velvets and natural woods taking the main stage. Deep jewel tones paint walls and exotic florals and agate accessories add a pop of femininity. Live-edge hardwood tables make a statement in a dining room when decorated with emerald hand-blown glass and copper drinkware.

Elements of the Forest trend can be seen in holiday décor as well. Deep green glitters accent pewter ornaments and jewel tone ribbons decorate trees. Moose, reindeer, and owls make whimsical forest-themed gifts, and antlers and pinecones bring elements of the outdoors inside.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Looking to 2017: Beach Trend

We compiled our Trend Intelligence for 2017 by taking an overview look at the moods and color stories coming off the runways, in pop culture, and in color reports. We look to sources like Swarovski and Pantone, as well as Vogue, and Elle Décor to name a few. For an idea to become a trend by our standards, it must be prevalent in fashion and home décor, with an eventual trickle into holiday décor. This is what we see to be up and coming in the next few years.

Taking a cue from Pantone’s colors of the year, rose quartz and serenity blue, our Beach trend is an airy mix of pastels and pearlescent finishes. Think cotton-candy clouds and a pink-ish purple sunset over white sands and calm waters. Beach is a subtle, understated nautical trend with a focus on the dreamy pastel color palette.

Textiles in fashion run the gamut of being neutral to candy-colored, and manicures are sporting the same color palette. Accessories are bright pops of color, and druzy crystals adorn jewelry. Clothing has large, playful patterns, and can be accented with crystals, beading, and sequins. Soft, feminine, and draping best describe the Beach fashion vibe. 

Home décor takes on a subtle, quiet nautical vibe. Natural crystals and sea glass live in harmony with moonstone and driftwood. Air plants and succulents accent tablescapes and hang from pods. Ombre and watercolor motifs can be seen on dishes and in upholstery.

Carry the Beach trend over to holiday, with pastel palettes and beach-themed ornaments. Flip flops and anchors adorn nautical Christmas trees, and margarita and cocktail themes ornaments make great gifts for your best gal. Wear this beach trend year round with a Swarovski crystal shell bangle.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Looking to 2016: Age of Aquarius Trend

Historically, all fashion trends make a comeback at some point and right now the Age of Aquarius is having a moment again, but with a modern twist. Whether it is a resurgence in flea and thrift shopping, or the desire for items that are made to last and manufactured in the United States, both vintage and new items that harken back to the 1970s are back en vogue.

Deep burgundy, orange, and brown are big players in fashion. Natural leathers and suedes are seen in long trench coats and accessories. Bold patterns of amorphous shapes and zig zags are stitched into purses or woven into sweaters. Macramé makes a guest appearance in a shrunken sweater-vest, and you can’t turn around without bumping into a pair of platform heels.

Homes are decorated with a mix of antique furniture from the 1970s and new items that reflect that time period. Textiles showcase bold geometric patterns in oranges, greens, and browns, and mixing and matching these patterns is encouraged. Dishware can be seen in warm colors with similar patterns.

Iconography from the decade carries over into holiday décor. Peace signs, daisies, and birds take their place on both jewelry and Christmas ornaments. Goldtone finishes make a comeback in stamped ornaments and Best Friend heart necklaces.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Looking to 2016: Armor Trend

Tactical and industrial, our Armor trend is a nod to soldiers of ancient and modern day, of fictional knights, and post-apocalyptic heroines. It is all about metal, leather, and new-age textiles made to be strong yet flexible. The color story is bold and dark, spanning from the deepest blacks to the creamiest oxblood red, with accents of sand and stone grey. Metallic finishes run the gamut from aged industrial steel to high gloss chrome.

Dresses and tops can be seen with metallic and crystal detail mimicking chest plates, while boots are chunky and highly adorned with sparkle and spikes. Harsh linear elements of leather and geometric cut-outs of new age fabrics add drama to clothing and accessories. Jewelry is bold; necklaces are layered with a mix of metal finishes, crystals, and pearls, and arm cuffs mimic those of ancient Rome.

Interiors are industrial and metal, leather, and suede play a big role. Furniture uses elements from the past that have been re-imagines into a new piece. Gears of unfinished steel and accents of rusty skeleton keys can be paired with refined matte gold and high gloss chrome accents. Textiles are deep, rich leathers and woven suedes in dark neutrals.

The mix of metallic finishes carry over into the holiday season. Dark gun metal blacks can be accented with clear crystals, and deep pewters and antique bronzes look fresh when paired on the same Christmas tree.